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Hike Virginia South of US 60

"It could not be better organized or more interestingly composed and will serve every level of hiker. While I have hiked many of his selected trails, it was a pleasure to hike in my mind those new to me as I journeyed through his book.

You wil also find delightful tidbits of information, such as the difference between a dragonfly and damselfly, why cypress trees have knees, the most striking trait of rattlesnake plantain, what's peculiar about Petersburg's battlefields, and how Devil's Marbleyard got its name.

The storyteller/hiker reveals how Burkes Garden got its name and how to get on the rarely used trail on Potts Mountain. He pegs the Maury River trail as a good one for kids, and the Little Stony Creek in Far Southwest as the scene of one of Virginia's lovliest, most seldom-visited waterfalls.

As this superlative hiking writer says, only a person traveling by foot can truly see and appreciate all the natural wonders to be found in Virginia."

Roanoke Times