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Hiking and Traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway: The Only Guide You Will Ever Need, Including GPS, Detailed Maps, and More

The only guidebook to provide a detailed description of every official trail along the parkway. It also includes pathways on national park, state park, national forest, municipal, and private lands. In other words, if it is a trail and it touches the parkway, it is in the book!

Maps provide easy navigation, and official parkway trailheads have GPS coordinates. As he has done with all of the trails in each of his hiking guidebooks, Leonard walked every one of the more than 130 official parkway trails with a surveyor's measuring wheel to insure distance and description accuracy.

True to its title, the book is more than just trails. Descriptions are given for every overlook and there's an elevation change chart for bicyclists, minimum tunnel heights for RV travelers, and sightseeing information for nearby towns. In addition, there are details about developed and backcountry campsites, rest rooms, water fountains, dining and lodging, picnic areas, a roadside bloom calendar, parkway milepoints, history of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Parkway, advice and precautions, and an overview of regulations and ranger offices.

West Virginia: An Explorer's Guide

Leonard M. Adkins has always enjoyed traveling his native state and for this new work he spent more than six months covering every little nook, cranny, and hollow. From first hand experience he reveals the best places to hike, bike, canoe, kayak, whitewater raft, fish, and more. Guides and outfitters are also detailed if you wish to obtain the services of knowledgeable locals.

Learn where to stay in luxury or rustic simplicity, eat some of the world's finest gourmet meals or enjoy simple country fare. Visit fine art museums, historic sites, places of interest, play a round of golf on America's first golf course, and take a dip in hidden swimmin' holes known only to a select few.

50 Hikes in West Virginia: From the Allegheny Mountains to the Ohio River

From rugged Allegheny summits to the banks of the Ohio, Leonard leads you beside rushing streams and crashing waterfalls, across windswept plains whose flora and fauna are more akin to Canada's than the mid-Atlantic's, and into hidden mountain valleys.

There is hike here for everyone--the shortest outing is only 0.5 mile, the longest a challenging multiday backpacking trek on West Virginia's premier long-distance route, the Allegheny Trail. One hike passes a listing shelter once used by President Lyndon B. Johnson, another goes through a series of tunnels cut through the mountains.

Nature of the Appalachian Trail: Your Guide to Wildlife, Plants, and Geology

Everything you would ever want to know or would expect to encounter on the Appalachian Trail. Nature of the Appalachian Trail: Your Guide to Wildlife, Plants, and Geology provides a quick overview of the history of the trail and a concise description of how the Appalachian Mountains came into being and why they look the way they do today. Individual chapters cover the trees, flowers, mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians found along the trail.

In easy to understand writing, Leonard provides bits of information on how a plant reproduces, where it lives, why it looks the way it does, etc. The chapters on mammals, birds and reptiles not only give an identification description of each animal, but also how it goes about its daily life and what signs to look for to see if it has been in the area recently.

Walks in the woods will be greatly enhanced after looking through TNature of the Appalachian Trail: Your Guide to Wildlife, Plants, and Geology.

The first eidtion of the book was a winner of the Society of American Travel Writers Foundation's Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Award.



Maryland: An Explorer's Guide

From the bustling streets of Baltimore to the Annapolis waterfront, from the western mountains to the Chesapeake Bay, curious travelers will find a knowledgeable guide in Leonard M. Adkins. He has traveled the length and breadth of the state to recommend the most appealing historic sites, attractions, activities, restaurants, B&Bs, and inns and hotels.

50 Hikes in Maryland: Walks, Hikes, and Backpacks from the Allegheny Plateau to the Atlantic Ocean

"Leonard Adkins has a keen sense of observation and a thorough knowledge of natural and social history along Maryland's Trails. Hiking with 50 Hikes in Maryland is like traveling the trails with a trusted, more experienced friend who knows how to find good swimming holes, why trees grow where they do, and where to take the kids for an outdoor adventure."
Karen Berger, author

Hike Virginia North of US 60

From the rugged summits of the Allegheny Mountains to the soft shores of the Chesapeake Bay, the northern half of Virginia has some of the most varied and best hiking terrain in the Middle Atlantic states. This book highlights both well-known sites and hidden gems that are lightly visited.

Hike Virginia South of US 60

"It could not be better organized or more interestingly composed and will serve every level of hiker."
Roanoke Times

A new hiking guide to the enormous variety of terrain to be found in southern Virginia—coastal plain, tidewater, piedmont, mountains, and river valleys. Leonard Adkins is your guide to the incredible variety of terrain to be found in southern Virginia, from sea level on the Atlantic Coast to the highest peak in the western mountains. Here you'll find hikes on sandy beaches, into dark swamps, beside rushing rivers, through open meadows, to historic sites and Civil War battlefields, and to alpine zones, mountain crests, and hidden valleys. Adkins covers the most popular hiking destinations in the region, but also leads you to little-known, out-of-the-way trails where crowds are at a minimum. An overview chart provides information on the trips at a glance and makes it easy to pick a hike. Each hike description includes a topographic map, information on distance, difficulty, and rise, and a detailed route description. Adkins also provides information on the human and natural history you will encounter on the trail, with details and insights into the lives of the state's plants and animals.

Best of the Appalachian Trail Day Hikes;Best of the Appalachian Trail Overnight Hikes

"Useful guides for both experienced and novice backpackers."--Virginia Librarian

Updates of the originals, which had not been updated since they were first published in 1994. Leonard did all of the updates in the books, except for the Logues who did the North Carolina/Tennessee and Georgia chapters. All of the hikes were updated, many eliminated, many new ones added. All in all, more than a third of the hikes are new ones from what were in the original books, and well over 50 percent of the text throughout the books is new.

Why buy a multitude of guidebooks, when Best of the Appalachian Trail Day Hikes and Best of the Appalachian Trail Overnight Hikes will take you to the very best the Appalachian Trail has to offer?

Wildflowers of the Appalachian Trail

“In the ever-expanding pantheon of guidebook writers, Leonard Adkins reigns supreme. Wildflowers of the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains is his latest regal effort.” Charleston Gazette

“This book is a tribute to the author’s kinship with nature. It truly demonstrates his passion for the colorful treasures of the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains." Butch Kelly, former natural history interpreter on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Wildflowers of the Appalachian Trail
If you are tired of identification guides with small photos and dull, boring descriptions, pick up Wildflowers of the Appalachian Trail. Sharp, stunning photos, entertaining text, and precise locations as to where to find them turns flower identification into an activity of joy, discovery, and wonderment.

Winner of the National Outdoor Book Award, ForeWord's Book of the Year, and a Virginia Literary Award nomination.